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Lizzie's Light

RRP $15.99

When I was seventeen years old I was in a serious car accident. I was not wearing a seatbelt when the car struck at a speed of 75 miles per hour. At seventeen I was not a devout Christian, yet I had the wisdom to pray the words, "Jesus save me." What happened next was a miracle. For years I have wanted to tell the story of my near death experience but was not sure how to make the story around the experience interesting. "Lizzie' Light" is a fiction story wrapped in God's truth. Lizzie has recently moved from her predominantly Catholic neighborhood in Gardner Mass to a rural part of Central Florida. She is somewhat cultured shocked to have moved from an urban family neighborhood in New England to a rural trailer park populated with retirees. Lizzie is also dealing with the awkward feelings of adolescence and intimidated by boys. Lizzie has some exciting encounters while living the Florida lifestyle. The story begins with Lizzie getting in trouble with the park manager for helping to put a baby alligator in the community pool and ends with her and her best friend Lori accidently getting involved in real danger with truly evil men. Lizzie is confused about her own faith and will need to search her soul in order to heal. In the end, she will endure a miracle. The miracle she endures is the true experience I had at seventeen years old. Each chapter is forwarded with the true account of this miraculous encounter. May you realize how much God loves you through experiencing "Lizzie's Light."

Flight Of Fantasy

RRP $13.99

Flight of Fantasy: An Erotic Journey in a Tangled Web of Love and Passion

Flight of Fantasy is HOT, SENSUAL, EROTIC and WITTY. This is an erotic story that will make you laugh, cry and oh get you very excited. This adult book will give you and your partner(s) ideas that can be tested out anywhere. The authors have encountered these erotic situations in real life, not in the order and as fast paced as described in the book, but each sensual adventure has been personally experienced by the authors.

This adult book begins with an unassuming meeting between two people who have fallen 'out of passion' with their spouses. Their need to feel and re-ignite passion bursts explosively right from their first adventure.

Ian, a good looking Scot, and Jenny a bored housewife and business woman are both seeking someone to share their most intimate moments with. Both meet for casual coffee which turns into a wild erotic encounter in parkland in the hills above the Delaware River.

From that first encounter their need for each other ignites a level of passion hot with erotic desires that makes this read unforgettable. Their raw passion and need for each other results in sometimes hilarious encounters and highly embarrassing situations. Their erotic journeys take them to bizarre places to make love where their love for each other solidifies.

However what makes this book different is that despite their smoldering love for each other both discover in themselves a more mature love for each of their spouses. Neither Ian nor Jenny want to leave their spouses hence Ian sets out a plan to involve his wife, Liz and Jenny's husband Sean.

The dramatic scene unfolds when all are sitting in the hot tub at Ian's home. Jenny strips off and dives into the attached pool. Naked and soaking wet she strides out of the pool and states to them all she would like Liz and Sean to watch her make love to Ian. What follows, sets this foursome into the unknown worlds of adventure, passion and final liberation!

Ian composed, yet apprehensive and Jenny soft but spontaneous makes this adult story a great read for those dark cold nights when warmth and passion are needed to make us feel alive.

A great entertaining adult read for the seeker of erotica.

Venn - The Enforcer. The Flight Of The Dragons.

RRP $13.99

This is the second book of the 'World-A-Way' series. The bondsmen of Midway and the 'long-lived' of Retreat are facing evil, as never before. Venn, the chosen of The Deep is approaching and it falls to the younglings of the 'new-blood' to face the threat of The Enforcer - as was their 'legacy' - decreed, by The Blue Pool, at the time of their birth. But Venn summons the 'shadow-forms'! It remains to be seen how The Way will respond to this and how the younglings can evert defeat such creatures of evil.

A Liverpool Legacy

RRP $17.99

Set in Liverpool at the end of the Second World War, Anne Baker's saga will move you to tears of sadness and joy.

On a spring day in 1947, Millie and Pete Maynard take their daughter Sylvie on a boat trip that is to end in tragedy. Poor Sylvie blames herself for the accident and Millie needs all her strength to comfort her children and overcome her grief. Then Pete's will is read and further heartache lies in store...

Meanwhile, Pete's younger brother and his good-for-nothing sons try to take control of the family business, but they've underestimated Millie's indomitable spirit. She's worked in Maynard's perfume laboratory for eighteen years and is determined to protect her husband's legacy no matter what obstacles are thrown in her way...

Hands That Made Lights Work

RRP $86.95

What kind of person would want to become a Lighthouse Keeper ? Spending weeks and months in a tower, miles from shore, and in the front line of the very worst of weather conditions. The sea crashes into the structure, and climbs to the very top, shaking the lighthouse tower, and quivering the crockery. With only the company of two others, wasn't it boring and monotonous? Did you ever fall out with each other? How did it feel to be stuck, overdue, when bad weather prevented relief? This book presents first hand, the experiences, and daily lot of the Lighthouse Keeper, of how the team bonded and made certain that the reassuring beams of the lighthouse, never failed the Mariner.


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