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Led Lighting

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Due to a combination of advances in technology, government legislation, and market forces, the LED lighting market is set to explode. This can be looked at in a number of different lights, from the rather small (home lighting is about to be totally gadget-ified), to the large (about 4 billion light bulbs in the US are going to be replaced, many of them with LED bulbs), to the world-changing (for the first time in history man is providing light for himself without the use of some form of fire). This book focuses on the first of those three: it's a practical, actionable explainer for LED lighting, aimed at the normal, household replacement bulb, but many of the same concepts apply to other bulb designs (MR16, PAR) and lighting scenarios.

LED bulbs are available, and while they will be changing greatly over the next few years, the core concepts will remain the same. This provides consumers (and, let's face it, geeks) with two interesting questions -- what to do now and what do they need to know about the future. The book tackles both of those, from explaining the parts of an LED bulb, to talking through some of the interesting challenges manufacturers face, to discussing implications for the future of solid state lighting. It's a mix of the practical and an examination of the LED bulb as a gadget, the way you'd look at a mobile phone or laptop.

Delighting In God's Word

RRP $12.99

Every believer needs help to develop a relationship with the God of Heaven. One-on-one discipleship provides believers with the needed atmosphere of love, care, and patience, as they are personally mentored by more mature believers in the scriptures. These lessons are meant to help believers of all maturity levels grow in the faith, so that they can stand against Satan's attacks and live victoriously for Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:13-16). This book is the second in a series of six, which covers how to delight in God's Word. It is divided into five lessons, which are as follows: 1. The Sufficiency of Scripture 2. The Preservation of God's Word 3. Faith Comes by Hearing 4. Responding to the Word of God 5. How to Take Notes Each lesson comes with a set of objectives, interactive questions and answers, and additional homework to help the student study through the scriptures at a structured pace.

Homemade Lotion

RRP $18.99

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A Practical Guide To Stage Lighting

RRP $284.99

In the first edition of A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, Steve Shelley cracked open his production book and showed how to prepare a lighting design and create the paperwork needed to mount a production.

In the second edition, he pulled back the curtain and showed the methods and processes that go on before the light plot is finalized and ready to go to into the shop, even dealing with cutting the plot in half.

In this third edition, Shelley throws the door wide open and shows step-by-step how to construct every lighting system in theHokey light plot. Combining his diacritical analysis, killer drafting, and analytic use of the Slinky Method and Slinky Calculations, he presents the Periodic Table of Fundamental Lighting Systems and shows the basic methods used to create multi-instrument lighting systems.

Highlights include:

-Over 100 new topics, including analysis and application of the three categories of collaboration; a detailed examination of production meetings and one-on-one meetings; and meeting checklists with management and the creative team.

-Over 50 new illustrations, including Shelley's Periodic Table of Fundamental Lighting Systems; groundplans, sections, and front elevations that illustrate basic system wash configurations for each direction of light.

-Analysis, calculation, and step-by-step technical construction of each lighting system in theHokey light plot.

-Explanation of a manufacturer's cut sheet, and how to apply basic formulas to determine the beam size, footcandles, and gel transmission for lighting instruments.

-Updated process of pre-programming computer lighting consoles prior to the load-in.

-Comprehensive overview of archiving paperwork and softcopy for a production.


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