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Logic Synthesis For Asynchronous Controllers And Interfaces

RRP $128.95

This book is the result of a long friendship, of a broad international co- operation, and of a bold dream. It is the summary of work carried out by the authors, and several other wonderful people, during more than 15 years, across 3 continents, in the course of countless meetings, workshops and discus- sions. It shows that neither language nor distance can be an obstacle to close scientific cooperation, when there is unity of goals and true collaboration. When we started, we had very different approaches to handling the mys- terious, almost magical world of asynchronous circuits. Some were more theo- retical, some were closer to physical reality, some were driven mostly by design needs. In the end, we all shared the same belief that true Electronic Design Automation research must be solidly grounded in formal models, practically minded to avoid excessive complexity, and tested "in the field" in the form of experimental tools. The results are this book, and the CAD tool petrify. The latter can be downloaded and tried by anybody bold (or desperate) enough to tread into the clockless (but not lawless) domain of small-scale asynchronicity. The URL is http://www.lsi. upc. esr j ordic/petrify. We believe that asynchronous circuits are a wonderful object, that aban- dons some of the almost militaristic law and order that governs synchronous circuits, to improve in terms of simplicity, energy efficiency and performance.

Robust Control Design 1997

RRP $35.00

These proceedings contain papers presented at the IFAC Symposium on Robust Control Design (ROCOND'97) held in Budapest, Hungary between 25-27 June 1997.
The Symposium was sponsored by the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) and was organized by the Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
It consisted of 3 plenary papers, 15 invited papers and 65 technical papers. Topics covered included design of low complexity robust controllers for uncertain systems, software tools for robust control design, robust stability, nonlinear control, performance and control applications.

Communications, Computation, Control And Signal Processing

RRP $821.99

The traditional systems disciplines of communications, computation, control and signal processing are becoming increasingly important in addressing major technological challenges of the coming century, in fields such as materials processing, manufacturing automation, speech recognition and ubiquitous personal communications, among many others. Moreover the boundaries between these separate disciplines are being rapidly blurred by the many demands of these applications. This Tribute, dedicated to Thomas Kailath for his many seminal contributions to these areas, highlights several recent trends and results, described by leading scientists and engineers from around the world. The thirty-six papers in this volume present important results on, among others, interference cancellation in multipath channels, decision feedback equalization for packet transmission, blind equalization and smart antennas for mobile communications, displacement structure, fast and stable algorithms in numerical linear algebra, nonconvex optimization problems, issues in nanoelectronic computation, fundamental limits of control system performance, LQG control with communication constraints, nonlinear "H"INFINITY control, adaptive nonlinear control, model identification, tomographic deconvolution, and higher-order statistics. The applications discussed herein include packet radio, robotics, very flexible mechanical systems, power systems and power electronics, moving object detection, complexity management and several others. The volume starts out with a survey by Professor Kailath entitled Norbert Wiener and the Development of Mathematical Engineering', a term suggested by Wiener that can serve as a compact description of the variety of fields described herein.

Automation Works

RRP $18.99

Whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO, President, Marketing Director or part of the team, wouldn't it be great if your online marketing could make more effective use of your business' time, money, and resources? Wouldn't it be refreshing to read a book that cuts through all the marketing jargon to simply share "why" and "what" makes marketing automation work from a business perspective, answering the questions: * What if we were able to focus on our ideal buyers? * What if we didn't have to re-invent the wheel and could create marketing systems and processes that work for our business? * What if we could make it easier for people to buy from our company? * What if we could shorten the buying cycle dramatically? * What if we could keep the customers and/or clients we work so hard to get? * What if we could actually measure how well something worked? Or if it didn't to be able to change it? Kathy Swanson, Founder and President of Integrated Marketing Werx, takes you on this fantastic journey culled from over 20 years of work with a wide variety of niche startups, small to large businesses, and even Fortune 500 companies. You are in for an excellent ride -- even if marketing is not your thing.

Periodic Control Systems 2001

RRP $117.99

Periodic control has reached a notable degree of maturity thanks to developments over the last few decades. We have seen not only major theoretical achievements but also new significant applications.

The IFAC workshop on "Periodic Control Systems" (PSYCO 2001), held at the Villa Erba Congress Centre in Cernobbio-Como (Italy), August 27-28 2001, aimed at presenting the full picture of the area by gathering experts in the field and all interested researchers, coming from universities, research institutions and industries.

The program consisted of technical sessions, organized in two parallel streams and two plenary lectures, given by Jason L. Speyer (University of California at Los Angeles, USA) and Yutaka Yamamoto (Kyoto University, Japan). The technical sessions included 42 papers covering the following subjects:

-Periodic Systems Analysis
-Hybrid and Sampled-Data
-Aerospace Applications
-Periodic Systems Control
-Numerical Methods
-Multirate and Batch Processes
-Repetitive and Nonlinear Control

A dozen of the papers were devoted to a number of applications, including aerospace, jet and diesel engines, gas turbines, nuclear reactors, power systems, satellites, environmental sciences and finance.


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