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Robust Control Design 1997

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These proceedings contain papers presented at the IFAC Symposium on Robust Control Design (ROCOND'97) held in Budapest, Hungary between 25-27 June 1997.
The Symposium was sponsored by the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) and was organized by the Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
It consisted of 3 plenary papers, 15 invited papers and 65 technical papers. Topics covered included design of low complexity robust controllers for uncertain systems, software tools for robust control design, robust stability, nonlinear control, performance and control applications.

Logic Synthesis Of Asynchronous Controllers And Interfaces

RRP $546.99

This book is devoted to logic synthesis and design techniques for asynchronous circuits. It uses the mathematical theory of Petri Nets and asynchronous automata to develop practical algorithms implemented in a public domain CAD tool. Asynchronous circuits have so far been designed mostly by hand, and are thus much less common than their synchronous counterparts, which have enjoyed a high level of design automation since the mid-1970s. Asynchronous circuits, on the other hand, can be very useful to tackle clock distribution, modularity, power dissipation and electro-magnetic interference in digital integrated circuits. This book provides the foundation needed for CAD-assisted design of such circuits, and can also be used as the basis for a graduate course on logic design.

Logic Synthesis For Asynchronous Controllers And Interfaces

RRP $128.95

This book is the result of a long friendship, of a broad international co- operation, and of a bold dream. It is the summary of work carried out by the authors, and several other wonderful people, during more than 15 years, across 3 continents, in the course of countless meetings, workshops and discus- sions. It shows that neither language nor distance can be an obstacle to close scientific cooperation, when there is unity of goals and true collaboration. When we started, we had very different approaches to handling the mys- terious, almost magical world of asynchronous circuits. Some were more theo- retical, some were closer to physical reality, some were driven mostly by design needs. In the end, we all shared the same belief that true Electronic Design Automation research must be solidly grounded in formal models, practically minded to avoid excessive complexity, and tested "in the field" in the form of experimental tools. The results are this book, and the CAD tool petrify. The latter can be downloaded and tried by anybody bold (or desperate) enough to tread into the clockless (but not lawless) domain of small-scale asynchronicity. The URL is http://www.lsi. upc. esr j ordic/petrify. We believe that asynchronous circuits are a wonderful object, that aban- dons some of the almost militaristic law and order that governs synchronous circuits, to improve in terms of simplicity, energy efficiency and performance.

Analog Device-level Layout Automation

RRP $821.99

This book presents a detailed summary of research on automatic layout of device-level analog circuits that was undertaken in the late 1980s and early 1990s at Carnegie Mellon University. We focus on the work behind the creation of the tools called KOAN and ANAGRAM II, which form part of the core of the CMU ACACIA analog CAD system. KOAN is a device placer for custom analog cells; ANANGRAM II a detailed area router for these analog cells. We strive to present the motivations behind the architecture of these tools, including detailed discussion of the subtle technology and circuit concerns that must be addressed in any successful analog or mixed-signal layout tool. Our approach in organizing the chapters of the book has been to present our algo- rithms as a series of responses to these very real and very difficult analog layout problems. Finally, we present numerous examples of results generated by our algorithms. This research was supported in part by the Semiconductor Research Corpora- tion, by the National Science Foundation, by Harris Semiconductor, and by the International Business Machines Corporation Resident Study Program. Finally, just for the record: John Cohn was the designer of the KOAN placer; David Garrod was the designer of the ANAGRAM II router (and its predeces- sor, ANAGRAM I). This book was architected by all four authors, edited by John Cohn and Rob Rutenbar, and produced in finished form by John Cohn.

A Rant On Assertiveness And Mind Control

RRP $13.99

A rant from start to finish on the subject of assertiveness and how mind control is the used by manipulative individuals to control the passive and emotionally unfulfilled. The emphasise is on awareness rather than on technique. Not designed for the grammar Nazi as this comes with all the grammatical ranty mistakes you would expect for a rant; however insights are available for those who want them.


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